Red Corral Ranch Photography_1926With some of the most breath taking views of the Texas Hill Country, it’s not hard to get swept away by Red Corral Ranch.  But we wanted to find away to embrace it’s rustic elements and still make it feel contemporary. With that in mind, the design team at Pink Parasol Designs and Coordinating got together with Birch and Brass Vintage Rentals, Whim Florals and Lovebirds Sweets to create this sophisticated look. Using crisp geometric lines and brass accents helped keep feel modern. And as quiet as the look appeared, it was the subtle details that finished it off.  Matching brass foxes, gold etched tumblers with a hint of green; to a tasting menu fit for any beer connoisseur. But the real star was our real bride to be Rosalyn and this Romantic Waters gown from Serendipity Bridal Boutique. The lace detailing and modern silhouette were a perfect pairing for this elegant styling.


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Red Corral Ranch Photography


Jason and Lis were surrounded by close family and friends in Leakey, Texas this past weekend and this wedding is by far one I will always hold dear to me. The two had their ceremony creekside at the Frio Springs Lodges and the weather was perfection. The gorgeous, lush greenery and beautiful pergola Lis’s brother made added to the special day. The wedding was truly a celebration of two beautiful people inside and out. A small rain storm came through, but that didn’t put a damper on the dance floor as it was packed the whole night. The two decided to literally take the plunge at the end of the night and the remaining guests followed. It is one of my most memorable weddings and am so grateful to have been able to capture their journey. Congratulations Lis and Jason, you both are truly amazing people and you make my heart so very happy. La Tigre, to Lis and Jason! AL


Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2006Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2007Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2008Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2009Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2010Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2011Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2012Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2013Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2014Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2015Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2016Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2017Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2018Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2019Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2020Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2021Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2022Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2023Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2024Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2025Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2026Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2027Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2028Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2029Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2030Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2031Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2032Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2033Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2034Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2035Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2036Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2037Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2038Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2039Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2040Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2041Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2042Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2043Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2044Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2045Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2046Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2047Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2048Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2049Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2050Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2051Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2052Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2053Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2054Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2055Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2056Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2057Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2058Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2059Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2060Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2061Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2062Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2063Leakey Texas Wedding Photography_2064


Venue- Frio Springs Lodges

Cake- Haby’s Bakery

Catering- Joe Tom’s

Hair & Makeup- Katie Lou Hair and Bombshell Beauty by Kelsie Asher Make Up

Floral- The Fower Patch

Leakey Texas Wedding Photography

Dianne and Aaron will be getting married at the beautiful Ma Maison in Dripping Springs next year and I couldn’t be more excited for these two. Both animal lovers they brought one of their pups Annie along for their engagement session. The two both went to the same high school and college, but didn’t find each other until after. Aaron is in several amazing bands with one just wrapping up the warp tour. Dianne is an avid equestrian and competes frequently. I cannot wait for her bridals! Enjoy, AL

Hill Country Engagement Photography_1883Hill Country Engagement Photography_1884Hill Country Engagement Photography_1885Hill Country Engagement Photography_1886Hill Country Engagement Photography_1887Hill Country Engagement Photography_1888Hill Country Engagement Photography_1889Hill Country Engagement Photography_1890Hill Country Engagement Photography_1891Hill Country Engagement Photography_1892

Hill Country Engagement Photography

Carrington Crossing Open House | Vintage Charm

Carrington Crossing will officially be opening its doors to up and coming 2014 and on couples. This amazingly new charming venue is located in the historic part of downtown main. With capacity at around 100 the venue offers and intimate style backdrop with old world charm and sophistication. There will be a chance to see some of Austin’s premiere vendors and explore the over 100 year old building first hand. AL Gawlik Photography will also be offering 10% off to any brides who book from October 5th- November 5th for any 2014-1015 weddings. If you would like to check out images captured from here please click on the following: Carrington Crossing.


Rustic Ranch Open House is this Sunday the 28th of September. There are going to be some amazing local vendors available to showcasetheir talent. Stop in and see this amazing venue for yourself as well as check out some of my favorites in the industry. We are also offering 10% off any bookings at this new venue from September 28th through October 28th. Hope you can make it!

openhouseRustic Ranch Wedding_1246Rustic Ranch Wedding_1255Rustic Ranch Wedding_1252Rustic Ranch Wedding_1240Rustic Ranch Wedding_1258