Summertime weddings at Pecan Springs Ranch are among my favorite. The sunsets are pure joy and the couples are madly in love. Kenny and Kelcie were high school sweethearts from Lockheart, Texas and both graduated from Texas A & M. The first time I saw these two I knew how much they were in love. The weather was perfect and all the little details and decor were beautiful. The two got married under the large Pecan trees near the creek. White fabric and chandeliers swayed in the trees above and the Summer breeze blew in the air. The two who both lost their mothers at early ages had two white balloons present and let them fly into the sky during the ceremony. I was truly honored to be apart of their day and capture such a meaningful day for these two and their family and friends. Enjoy, ALpecan springs ranch wedding photography - al gawlikpecan springs ranch wedding photography - al gawlikpecan springs ranch wedding photography - al gawlikpecan springs ranch wedding photography - al gawlikpecan springs ranch wedding photography - al gawlikpecan springs ranch wedding photography - al gawlikpecan springs ranch wedding photography - al gawlikpecan springs ranch wedding photography - al gawlikpecan springs ranch wedding photography - al gawlikbrides shoesbrides wreathpecan springs ranch wedding photography - al gawlikpecan springs ranch wedding photography - al gawlikblue skypecan springs ranch wedding photography - al gawlik
Pecan Springs Ranch wedding photography by Al Gawlik Photography

Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1324

This romantic wedding at Camp Lucy’s Sacred Oaks is something out of the movies. Hailey and Trey, longtime high school sweethearts, had the wedding of their dreams. It was shared by close family and friends who watched these two say their vows under the majestic oak trees. Every little detail was perfection at Camp Lucy. The florals by Whim, the rentals by Bee Lavish  and the People’s Choice band had the floor packed the entire night. The two were whisked away in a white Rolls Royce in the middle of the night. So much love to these two gorgeous souls.Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1325Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1326Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1327Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1328Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1329Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1330Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1331Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1332Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1333Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1334Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1335Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1336Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1337Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1338Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1339Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1340Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1341Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1342Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1343Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1344Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1345Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1346Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1347Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1348Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1349Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1350Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1351Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1352Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1353Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1354Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1355Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1356Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1357Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1358Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1359Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1360Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1361Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1362Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1363Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1364Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1365Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1366Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1367Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1368Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1369Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1370Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1371Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1372Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1373Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1374Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1375Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1376Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1377Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1378Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1379Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1380Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1381Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1382Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1383Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1384Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1385Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1386Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1387Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1388Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1389Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1390Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1391Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1392Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1393Camp Lucy Wedding Photography | Hailey & Trey

Pecan Springs Ranch Open House | Vendor Showcase

” It is like an amazing carnival for brides,” quoted one bride. Pecan Springs Ranch hosted an Open House on August 24th from 3pm-7pm and it was sheer enjoyment. Over 200 guests arrived to check out the venue as well as the talented vendors who shared their Sunday with couples at the beautiful ranch. There were food trailers, donkeys, a teepee, florals and so much  more.  Here are just a few snap shots of the event. Enjoy, AL

Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1171Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1172Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1173Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1174Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1175Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1176Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1177Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1178Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1179Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1180Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1181Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1182Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1183Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1184Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1185Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1186Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1187Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1188Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1189Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1190Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1191Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1192Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1193Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1194Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1195Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1196Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1197Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1198Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1199Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1200Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1201Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1202Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1203Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1204Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1205Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1206Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1207Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1208Pecan Springs Ranch Open House_1209Here were all the amazing vendors that showcased their talent:

Brandi Chandler Bar Service
Groove Labs-Beer Donkey’s  beer donkey
Frill Coordinating coordinating
Royer’s Pie
Simon Lee Bakery
Whim Floral
Crave Catering
Tacos N Tequila
Word of Mouth
Chilantro food truck
Peached Tortilla
Slab BBQ
Uncle Louie G’s Sno Cone & Italian Ice
Berdoll Pecans
Bits of Courage personalized gifts
Belle Mariee Artistry
Greenbelt DJ
Airstream Photo Booth
Al Gawlik Photography
Chandra’s Collection Photography
Jessica Frey Photography
Sara Goss Photography
Mancino Decor Rental
Whim Event Rentals
Deer Run Chauffeur transportation
Adam Grumbo Films
Bee Lavish Vintage rentals

Carrington Crossing Charm & Styled Bridals | Kelcie’s Bridals | Austin Wedding Photography

Carrington Crossing has charm and style and Kelcie and the venue were a perfect match for her bridals. Carrington Crossing is a unique, charming new venue in the old historic part of downtown Buda. It’s walls, and overall charm and texture are the perfect backdrop for an intimate styled wedding.  Pink Parasol Designs and Bee Lavish Vintage Rentals added to the session by creating a romantic candlelight setting. Pink Parasol Design created several scenes as we used the entire venue as our backdrop. Sweet, beautiful Kelcie is getting married at Pecan Springs Ranch and her gorgeous dress, and Badgley Mischka shoes add the the gorgeous perfection! I am so excited to showcase these off and excited for Kelcie to marry her best friend Kenny. Enjoy, AL

Antique Bridals_1084Antique Bridals_1085Antique Bridals_1086Antique Bridals_1087Antique Bridals_1088Antique Bridals_1089Antique Bridals_1090Antique Bridals_1091Antique Bridals_1092Antique Bridals_1093Antique Bridals_1094Antique Bridals_1095Antique Bridals_1096Antique Bridals_1097Antique Bridals_1098Antique Bridals_1099Antique Bridals_1100Antique Bridals_1101Antique Bridals_1102Antique Bridals_1103Antique Bridals_1104Antique Bridals_1105Antique Bridals_1106Antique Bridals_1107Antique Bridals_1108


Steven & Jamelyn | Chapel Dulcinea Elopement

Steven and Jamelyn traveled to the gorgeous Chapel Dulcinea located in Driftwood, Texas. The two who met as Engineers at work closely became friends and fell in love. Both Texas Tech graduates the two reside in San Angelo. Jamelyn was simply beautiful in her Chelsea and Violet dress. Steven, who is an amazing industrial photographer, will be heading to North Carolina to honeymoon and do some zip-lining. The two were so beautiful inside and out and it was truly an honor to capture their elopement at the Chapel. Enjoy, AL

Chapel Dulcinea_1109Chapel Dulcinea_1110Chapel Dulcinea_1131Chapel Dulcinea_1132Chapel Dulcinea_1130Chapel Dulcinea_1129Chapel Dulcinea_1111Chapel Dulcinea_1112Chapel Dulcinea_1113Chapel Dulcinea_1114Chapel Dulcinea_1115Chapel Dulcinea_1116Chapel Dulcinea_1117Chapel Dulcinea_1118Chapel Dulcinea_1119Chapel Dulcinea_1120Chapel Dulcinea_1121Chapel Dulcinea_1122Chapel Dulcinea_1123Chapel Dulcinea_1124Chapel Dulcinea_1125Chapel Dulcinea_1126Chapel Dulcinea_1127Chapel Dulcinea_1128