Robert and Luciana have a beautiful story together that spans a decade. They decided to start the next chapter of their lives on a just as beautiful day. Chapel Dulcinea was the backdrop and the weather and sunset was amazing. Luciana wore a gorgeous gown and had a bouquet with a small charm of her father’s picture who recently passed. Robert wore his dress blues from his Army days. Luciana  wore matchng yellow shoes to match with Roberts stripe on his pants. The ceremony ended at sunset and these two beautiful souls ringing the bell and starting the new journey together. Enjoy, AL
Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1618Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1619Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1620Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1621Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1622Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1623Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1624Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1625Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1626Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1627Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1628Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1629Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1630Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1631Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1632Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1633Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1634Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1635Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1636Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1637Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1638Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1639Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1640Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1641Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1642Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1643Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1644Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1645Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1646Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1647Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1648Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1649Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1650Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1651Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1652Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1653Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1654Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1655Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1656Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1657Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1658Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1659Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1660Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1661Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1665Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1667Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1666Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1668Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1663Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1662Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1664Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding_1669Sunset Chapel Dulcinea Wedding | Robert & Luciana

Rustic Ranch is Kevin Fowler’s newest venue opening in late 2014 and is destine to be a premier wedding venue for 2015. I was honored to be able to photograph this stunning new Hill Country venue. Pink Parasol Designs headed up the creative setting and the florals, design, dresses and couple were everything to describe gorgeous and breathtaking. The following vendors did an exceptional job on planning and creating the perfect styled shoot for Rustic Ranch. Aaryn and Nick were the beautiful couple inside and out and she looked stunning in Hayley Paiges‘ Dori dress. Kari with Whim Florals left me speechless once again. This Summer styled shoot can only be described as romanticlysoft and exceptionally well done. Enjoy, AL

Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1210Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1211Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1212Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1213Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1214Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1215Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1216Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1217Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1218Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1219Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1220Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1221Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1222Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1223Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1224Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1225Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1226Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1227Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1228Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1229Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1230Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1231Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1232Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1233Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1234Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1235Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1236Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1237Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1238Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1239Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1240Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1241Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1242Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1243Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1244Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1245Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1246Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1247Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1248Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1249Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1250Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1251Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1252Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1253Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography_1254Rustic Ranch Wedding_1254Rustic Ranch Wedding_1255Rustic Ranch Wedding_1256Rustic Ranch Wedding_1257Rustic Ranch Wedding_1258

Rustic Ranch Wedding Photography

 Rustic Ranch

Pink Parasol Designs

Dessert Divas

Bee Lavish Vintage Rentals

Love Birds Sweets

Whim Florals

Whim Hospitality

Altared Weddings

Fire Makeup

Serendipity Bridal

Grayson Elise




A 1956 Ford truck, two amazingly cute pups, an old quilt and acoustic guitar and we were set for Jessica and Rustin’s camp style engagement session at Camp Ben. I have known Jessica for a few years and she lights up the room when she walks in. Rustin, a talented singer songwriter, serenaded her with some songs throughout the session. The truck, the pups, and these two were beautiful and so much fun together. We decided to head down to Onion Creek at the camp for some fun water shots. We had the pups join in and they loved every minute of it. We finished up the session near some wild flowers growing along a path. The early morning light was perfection.  I can’t wait to capture the love next year at Gruene Estates. Enjoy, AL

Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1413Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1414Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1415Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1416Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1417Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1418Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1419Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1420Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1421Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1422Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1423Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1424Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1425Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1426Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1427Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1428Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1429Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1430Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1431Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1432Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1433Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1434Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1435Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1436Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1437Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1438Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1439Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1440Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1441Dripping Springs Engagement Photography_1442


Dripping Springs Engagement Photography | Jessica & Rustin

Summertime weddings at Pecan Springs Ranch are among my favorite. The sunsets are pure joy and the couples are madly in love. Kenny and Kelcie were high school sweethearts from Lockheart, Texas and both graduated from Texas A & M. The first time I saw these two I knew how much they were in love. The weather was perfect and all the little details and decor were beautiful. The two got married under the large Pecan trees near the creek. White fabric and chandeliers swayed in the trees above and the Summer breeze blew in the air. The two who both lost their mothers at early ages had two white balloons present and let them fly into the sky during the ceremony. I was truly honored to be apart of their day and capture such a meaningful day for these two and their family and friends. Enjoy, ALpecan springs ranch wedding photography - al gawlikpecan springs ranch wedding photography - al gawlikpecan springs ranch wedding photography - al gawlikpecan springs ranch wedding photography - al gawlikpecan springs ranch wedding photography - al gawlikpecan springs ranch wedding photography - al gawlikpecan springs ranch wedding photography - al gawlikpecan springs ranch wedding photography - al gawlikpecan springs ranch wedding photography - al gawlikbrides shoesbrides wreathpecan springs ranch wedding photography - al gawlikpecan springs ranch wedding photography - al gawlikblue skypecan springs ranch wedding photography - al gawlik
Pecan Springs Ranch wedding photography by Al Gawlik Photography

Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1324

This romantic wedding at Camp Lucy’s Sacred Oaks is something out of the movies. Hailey and Trey, longtime high school sweethearts, had the wedding of their dreams. It was shared by close family and friends who watched these two say their vows under the majestic oak trees. Every little detail was perfection at Camp Lucy. The florals by Whim, the rentals by Bee Lavish  and the People’s Choice band had the floor packed the entire night. The two were whisked away in a white Rolls Royce in the middle of the night. So much love to these two gorgeous souls.

Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1325Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1326Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1327Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1328Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1329Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1330Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1331Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1332Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1333Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1334Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1335Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1336Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1337Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1338Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1339Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1340Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1341Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1342Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1343Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1344Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1345Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1346Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1347Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1348Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1349Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1350Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1351Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1352Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1353Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1354Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1355Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1356Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1357Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1358Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1359Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1360Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1361Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1362Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1363Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1364Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1365Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1366Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1367Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1368Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1369Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1370Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1371Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1372Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1373Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1374Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1375Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1376Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1377Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1378Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1379Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1380Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1381Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1382Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1383Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1384Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1385Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1386Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1387Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1388Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1389Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1390Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1391Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1392Camp Lucy Wedding Photography_1393Camp Lucy Wedding Photography | Hailey & Trey