The Greenhouse at Driftwood is one of the Hill Country’s newest event venues. Surrounded by 80 acres of nature, The Greenhouse is an experience all its own.  The Greenhouse prides itself on conservation and sustainability as a way of life. Native landscaping, wildlife, and bird habitat is also widely seen throughout the property.  There are two large greenhouses that promote the uniqueness of the venue. The first has a mirage of  rainforest plants and a running creek bed. The second greenhouse has a desert feel with various cacti and aloes. Enjoy, AL

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Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0000Camp Lucy’s Sacred Oaks in Dripping Springs, Texas is one magical place. It is also the venue Audra and Andrea chose to start their journey together. Both live in Rome, Italy, but met in College at Texas A&M. This December wedding under the large Oak Trees was beautiful and Whim catering,florals and rentals along with Frills Consulting did an amazing job. The two were joined from family and friends from all over to celebrate until the late night. Special thanks to the Greenbelt DJ for keeping the dance floor packed the entire night. Enjoy, AL
Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0002Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0003Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0004Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0005Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0006Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0007Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0008Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0009Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0010Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0011Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0012Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0013Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0014Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0015Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0016Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0017Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0018Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0019Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0020Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0021Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0022Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0023Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0024Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0025Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0026Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0027Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0028Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0029Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0030Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0031Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0032Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0033Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0034Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0035Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0036Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0037Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0038Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0039Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0040Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0041Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0042Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0043Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0044Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0045Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0046Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0047Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0048Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0049Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0050Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0051Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0052Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0053Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0054Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0055Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0056Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0057Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0058Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0059Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0060Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0061Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0062Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0063Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0064Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0065Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0066Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0067Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0068Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0069Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0070Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0071Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0072Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0073Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0074Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0075Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0076Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0077Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0078Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0079Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0080Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0081Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0082Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0083Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0084Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0085Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0086Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0087Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0088Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0089Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0090Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0091Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0092Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0093Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0094Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0095Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0096Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0097Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0098Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0099Sacred Oaks Wedding Photographer_0100

Sacred Oaks Wedding | Audra + Andrea

Venue | Sacred Oaks

Videographer | New Road Productions

DJ | GreenBelt DJ

Coordination | Frills Consulting

Makeup | Houston Puryear

Floral | Whim Floral

Catering | Whim Catering

Cake | Brides Table

Strings | Barton Strings

Rentals | Whim Even Rentals


Nestled in the heart of Driftwood, Texas, Stonehouse Villa was the perfect location for these two to celebrate the next chapter of their lives together. Rosalyn and Christian met at Texas Tech and both were avid athletes .  Christian is from Sweden so it was difficult for his family to be there for the ceremony. Rosalyn surprised her husband by flying in his two brothers and their family. It wasn’t until mid ceremony that they walked down the aisle to surprise Christian. Needless to say everyone was crying. The officiant Sarah Reed did an amazing job also carrying out the surprise. The day was overcast and the weather perfect as these two danced the night away from the amazing entertainment of Look No Further Entertainment. Enjoy, AL

Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3493Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3494Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3495Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3496Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3497Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3498Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3499Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3500Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3501Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3502Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3503Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3504Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3505Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3506Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3507Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3508Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3509Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3510Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3511Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3512Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3513Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3514Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3515Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3516Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3517Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3518Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3519Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3520Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3521Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3522Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3523Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3524Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3525Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3526Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3527Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3528Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3529Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3530Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3531Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3532Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3533Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3534Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3535Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3536Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3537Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3538Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3539Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3540Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3541Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3542Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3543Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3544Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3545Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3546Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3547Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3548Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3549Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3550Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3551Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3552Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3553Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3554Stonehouse Villa Wedding_3555

Stonehouse Villa Wedding

Venue | Stonehouse Villa

Coordination | In Her Shoes

Catering | Royal Fig

Officiant | Let’s Do It Vows Sarah Reed

Videographer | Photohouse Films

DJ | Look No Further Entertainment

Cake | Brides Table

Dessert Setup | Dessert Divas

Vintage Rentals | Bee Lavish


Nicholas and Hannah are two beautiful people inside and out and their outdoor wedding was just the same. These two were joined by friends and family from all over Texas  on a beautiful sunny day. The always gorgeous Pecan Springs Ranch was the background setting and their soiree style wedding with a classic touch fit them perfectly. From the live band, cigar rollers and whiskey bar this wedding and weather was perfect. Enjoy, AL

Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2551Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2552Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2553Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2554Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2555Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2556Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2557Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2558Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2559Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2560Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2561Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2562Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2563Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2564Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2565Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2566Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2567Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2568Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2569Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2570Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2571Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2572Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2573Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2574Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2575Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2576Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2577Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2578Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2579Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2580Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2581Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2582Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2583Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2584Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2585Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2586Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2587Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2588Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2589Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2590Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2591Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2592Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2593Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2594Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2595Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2596Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2597Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2598Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2599Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2600Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2601Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2602Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2603Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2604Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2605Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2606Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2607Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2608Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2609Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2610Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2611Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2612Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2613Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2614Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2615Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2616Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2617Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2618Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2619Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2620Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2621Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2622Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2623Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2624Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2625Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2626Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2627Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2628Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2629Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2630Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2631Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2632Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2633Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2634Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2635Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer_2636

Pecan Springs Ranch Photographer | The Russo’s

Venue | Pecan Springs Ranch

Coordination | Events By Decision



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