Chapel Dulcinea Summer Wedding | Carmen and Mark

The second I saw Carmen I was smitten with her gorgeous smile and charming style. Her stylist and makeup artist Rhea McCarter did a beautiful job.  An ER nurse in the Dallas area, Carmen met her fiance Mark, who is a paramedic, two years ago. They had a very intimate wedding with Reverend Joe officiating and the amazing Terra Vista Strings onsite. One of the sweetest moments was when the couple danced their first dance to She’s Like Texas, by Josh Abbott.  The reception was then carried over to Ruths Chris Steakhouse where the couple dined with close family and friends. As always Chapel Dulcinea weddings will always hold a special place in my heart. Enjoy, AL


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Celeste, elegant and so sweet,is getting married at Pecan Springs Ranch. When I first saw her in her gorgeous, Essence bridal gown I was in love with it. It’s beautiful button down back and lacing on top is perfect for Celeste. I was so excited to learn that she used some of her mothers wedding gown to create her headpiece and pieces of the dress were implemented in the bridal bouquet. Her mother created the simple and elegant bouquet herself. Celeste will also be wearing her mothers white leather shoes she wore for her own wedding. Enjoy, AL

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